sa.to.ri / sa-tor`e / n.

1. a zen awakening.  2. a deeper understanding.  3. an exciting way of training that transforms your mind, body and spirit.

Satori Method is based on the self improvement principles of the martial arts, meditation and goal setting. Our programs offer individuals a way to get in phenomenal shape -- physically, mentally and spiritually. Satori Method is a well organized 'system' that enhances one's fitness level, mental attitude and inner peace.

The method blends martial arts, fitness and meditation and utilizes the martial arts process of incrementally moving from where you are to where you want to be. It's this progressive approach that helps students to set realistic goals, stay on track and then attain the results the seek. We offer three programs for adults: Bootcamp Fitness Classes, Satori Rejuvenation Classes and our Martial Arts Classes.

The Satori Method Creators

Tristan Truscott, Sensei

Tristan Truscott, founder of the Austin Martial Arts Academy, has spent over 25 years practicing and teaching martial arts, self defense, fitness, healing and meditation. Along with his wife Sabrina Truscott he created Satori Method™ by combining fitness training, martial arts, goal setting, balanced nutrition, meditation techniques, and the healing flow movements from t’ai chi, qigong and yoga.

Satori Method was initially inspired by Tristan’s five-year long search to heal his chronic back pain. After those five very challenging years and undergoing an unsuccessful surgery, Tristan realized that he needed to find a way to heal himself.

He expanded his study of mind-body methods looking for ways to unravel the mystery behind his pain. After much research, trial and error and wonderful breakthroughs, Tristan finally discovered how to heal his back pain using the power of the mind.

After this healing he began to develop a program that would get his body back into shape. Since Tristan had not been able to exercise for many, many years, his body had weakened and he had gained a lot of extra weight.

Determined to regain his previous healthy lifestyle Tristan pressed onward by refining his new daily program to lose the extra weight, regain his flexibility, rejuvenate his diet, strengthen his musculoskeletal structure, begin martial arts again and totally reframe his mindset. The end result was a complete rehabilitation and the manifestation of Satori Method!

Today Tristan is training again and loving life. He is overjoyed to be sharing Satori Method with his students and helping them evolve physically, mentally and spiritually; it is the ONLY reason he teaches (apart from enjoying the training himself). Click to read his Personal Blog.

Martial Arts Background: Tristan has a varied background in disciplines such as: Tang Soo Do, Karate, Kickboxing, Jeet Kune Do, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, Aikido, Kung Fu, Qigong and Mushin Meditation. Additionally he is certified to teach the Level 2 PDR/S.P.E.A.R. Fundamentals system created by 'real world' self defense expert Tony Blauer.

Sabrina Truscott

tristan_truscottSabrina Truscott has been a fitness enthusiast and personal trainer for the past 20 years. She began her lifestyle of health and fitness at the tender age of three with ballet, jazz, tap and modern dance. Sabrina also studied Performance Arts at The Neighborhood Playhouse in New York where she worked on Broadway, in commercials, on soap operas and in films. Eventually Sabrina became a professional Latin and Ballroom dancer/instructor and founded All Ways Dance.

Sabrina has also directed, MC'd and danced in Dancing With the Stars Austin for the past 3 years. Sabrina donates her time to this incredible fundrairser and is proud to have helped the Center for Child Protective Services raise over $1,000,000 with this event since 2007. Click HERE to see the show Sabrina directed in 2007.

Sabrina has teamed up with her husband Tristan to become a driving force behind the Satori Method. She brings an amazing amount of knowledge and excitement to the system, enabling them both to create fitness workouts and mind-body healing routines that are extremely unique. Not only does Sabrina's workout style keep you entertained and uplifted, her amazing personal results greatly inspire female members.

Now in her 40's Sabrina is living proof that integrated movement, positive thinking and living from the heart keeps you young, healthy and happy. Sabrina invites you to check out this comprehensive mind-body fitness program with a Free Week of Classes.
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