"Self Defense IS NOT Just An Extra
Curricular Activity, It's For Saving Your Life, God Forbid You Ever Need To Use
Your Loved Ones!!"


Learn How to Use Karate, Kung Fu, Kickboxing
And Jiu-Jitsu for Real-World Self Defense
In this martial arts program you will learn about these various differences, study the core aspects of each "art" and practice their different applications. For example, while learning self defense techniques we will be sure they work for you under stress and crisis moments -- this is known as Real-World training for assualt attacks. When studying the Jiu-Jitsu ground fighting techniques we'll be sure you understand how to apply them for street protection vs. a sport styled competition -- and when you're practicing the Traditional Martial Arts techniques we'll be teaching you about an ancient tradition that has been passed down over thousands of years!

Mushin Dao Draws from the Ancient Disciplines
that have been passed down by the Masters.
The foundation of all ancient martial arts is meditation -- a practice that teaches us how to go beyond fear and internal reactivity. At the Satori Method Academy we show our respect and pay homage to the masters who have passed down the Budo (martial way of life) by integrating meditation into our practice. Meditation and mindfulness teach us how to make our training a 'Way of Life', so we may become humble and compassionate leaders in our lives and communities.

Traditional Martial Arts, Mixed Martial Arts, Sport Sparring, Real- World Self Defense... what's the difference?

Today's mixed martial arts training has evolved into an amazing blend of styles and systems from around the world. With over 25 years of teaching and development Sensei Tristan, founder of Austin MArtial Arts and Satori Method, has created an integrated approach to martial arts practice and self defense that will give you a dynamic ability to apply kickboxing, close quarter techniques and ground fighting.

Our martial art system (Mushin Dao) is both hard and soft, deriving its hardness in part from the Japanese and Korean martial arts and its soft flowing movements from the Chinese martial arts. This mixed style combines Karate, Kung Fu, Boxing, Jiu Jitsu and Real World Self Defense. You can get an overview of our curriculum HERE.

Our Promise to YOU... this Martial Arts program will:
Earn You Black Belt and Attain Self-Mastery!

Satori Method Martial Arts program has been designed to progressively advance you from White Belt level to Black Belt level, using martial arts, self-defense, fitness

techniques and meditation princples. The students at the Academy are dedicated, passionate and started out just like you -- with either NO experience -- or in some cases already had high degrees in other arts, but were looking for something different. Everyone is friendly and sincerely wants to help each other master the art and themselves.

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